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At Parkgate we believe in taking the extra step to meet you where you are most comfortable. When you need to meet with us, we make the effort to come to you, whether it’s at your workplace or in the comfort of your home.

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For years we have been recognized for the quality services that we deliver to our clients. Parkgate is committed to transparent and reliable financial services and solutions.

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Our products and services cover all major milestones and life experiences, ensuring that you are covered along your journey. We build meaningful, lifelong relationships with clients.

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In the life insurance industry... when someone's calling in, it's usually because they are going through a difficult time. It's rewarding to be able to help clients through difficult times, and make their lives that much easier.

Diane Malcomson - Parkgate Financial Group Inc. Executive Assistant

We try to make it as comfortable as possible for clients. If I'm not out telling clients about myself and the life experiences I've gone through, I'm not really building a relationship with the client. I'm simply selling a product and walking out, and that's not what I'm about.

Phil Grimes, Financial Security Advisor and Investment Representative

Everyone goes through tough times and good times, and I want to sit down with you and help you achieve your goals, dreams and ideas you have.

Phil Grimes, Financial Security Advisor and Investment Representative

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